The pirate ship, flying the false flag of gun rights, known as the American Hunters and Shooters Association, is apparently no more. Even if they might technically exist, they are gone from the Internets, which is just about as good as dead these days. We bid them farewell. Sorry guys, we’re just weren’t stupid enough to fall for it.

7 thoughts on “AHSA Goes TU”

  1. Does anyone suspect that Peter Hamm warned the AHSA about marginalization or credibility, or called them insane over a perceived inability to grasp those concepts or their consequences?

    Just wondering …

  2. Another lying liberal organization bites the dust, good riddance you damned rats.

  3. Good riddance.

    I wonder if the NRA would have better luck running a sham gun control organization designed to promote expansion and preservation of existing gun rights?

  4. You know the gun control crusade lost the battle for public support when they have to resort to these false flag operations. It seems the only people who were stupid enough (or dishonest enough) to fall for those scams were the self-proclaimed “professional journalists”.

  5. So what will they come back as? Teapartiers for common sense gun ownership?

    I wouldn’t put it past those clowns to have something else up their sleeve

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