College Kids Packing Heat?

SayUncle says things are going to change.  I think he’s right, and hopefully for the better.  I just don’t want to see it go overboard, and have colleges and universities turned into prisons like we’ve done with primary and secondary schools.

I also agree with him that most college kids can’t and shouldn’t carry firearms, but I do believe that people who are licensed by the state to do so ought to be permitted to do so on campuses of colleges and universities.  There are many states that prohibit this by law, and I do favor changing those laws.

Virginia, and also Pennsylvania, do it through university policy, rather than law.  While I don’t think those policies are sound, as applied to license holders, I don’t expect college and universities will change those policies any time soon.  I know people don’t want to risk being expelled, but I can promise you, if I go back to school, they can kiss my ass in regards to their policy.  Keep it concealed and keep your mouth shut.  If a student isn’t mature enough to keep other people from finding out, they are probably not mature enough to carry a firearm, and I won’t cry too hard if they get booted.  There is no good reason, with proper holster, attire, and attitude, that anyone ever needs to know that you’re carrying. Sure, if a deranged lunatic comes and starts shooting up campus, or an armed robber decides to prey on a few students, you might get caught.   But being expelled beats being dead or seriously injured, doesn’t it?