PSH at U of FL

From SayUncle:

TO: Deans

FROM: Dr. Patricia Telles-Irvin, Vice President for Student Affairs
RE: Protest Event Next Week

A national group known as Students for Concealed Carry On Campus, which advocates allowing students and others to bring concealed weapons to campus, plans an Empty Holster Protest all next week. Students who participate in the event are being urged to wear an empty holster to class in order to protest state laws and university policies that prohibit firearms on campus.

Neither state law nor campus policies prohibit carrying an empty holster, so anyone who participates in this event is within his or her rights. However, if any faculty member or student feels genuinely threatened, they should feel free to call the University Police Department. If you would, please pass this along to your department chairs and faculty.

Any bets on whether wearing holsters gets added to the student handbook as a verboten activity come next fall?

8 thoughts on “PSH at U of FL”

  1. Given everything else that is banned on campus, I wouldn’t be surprised.

    I’m thinking of buying a holster just to wear next week while at work (I work at a local university).

  2. That letter wasn’t preparation for next semester’s ban on empty holsters. It was a veiled threat to those participating that they are going to be harrassed, detained and bullied by campus police acting on “complaints” of fear induced by assault holsters.

  3. Harass me, its on their dime. I don’t have any dress requirements.

    And what qualifies as an assault holster? Is that like an assault rifle?

  4. An Assult holster is a holster that has features (ie the ability to carry a firearm) that the gun banners deem “scary”

  5. Signed for straightarrow. They won’t ban it; that would actually be admitting defeat since they’d show everything being more about fear than actual safety.

    They’ll just make life a living hell for anyone that does it, without changing the written rules. It’ll be one of those things that becomes against regulations under some generic groupthink rule.

  6. I contacted my university’s police and administrators early last week, and haven’t heard anything negative from them. I’ve gotten a few emails from fellow gunnies as a result of the fliers I put up all over campus, but nothing negative yet. Plus, I’m getting interviewed on the local TV news station later today. This protest definitely has the opportunity to be a great conversation starter, if nothing else. We’ll see what the week brings.

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