HR 1845 Passes PA Senate

HR 1845 has passed the Pennsylvania Senate unanimously.  It had one amendment on it, and will have to go back to the house for a vote, but after that, which should be smooth sailing, it’ll be on to the Governor’s office for a signature, which should be forthcoming.  After this:

  • Sheriffs will have to issue emergency LTCFs for qualified applicants.
  • Carry completely lawful in state parks
  • No Katrina like gun confiscations in Pennsylvania.

Job well done for all the parties involved in getting this to passage.

UPDATE: I’m told the house passed it unanimously right after the senate passed it.  So all it requires now is Rendell’s John Hancock, and it’s law.

5 thoughts on “HR 1845 Passes PA Senate”

  1. Now just make sure the sheriffs comply without adding on more restrictions like VA has had so much trouble that counties were doing until they were told otherwise

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