Light Blogging

Blogging was more light this weekend than the usual light weekend blogging because of my IHMSA match, which could have gone better.  It was cold, and the wind was up.  These are the kinds of conditions which seperate the men from the boys, and I’m just getting to the point in this where my voice is starting to crackle.

I got a 13 in Field Pistol in Production category, with my S&W 629 with Iron Sights shooting .44 Special.  Combined with my last score of 11, that qualifies me for an A rating.  Didn’t score all that well in small bore.  Wind was a killer there, and I don’t have enough experience to compensate for it.  Field pistol still remains my best game.   Hopefully in better weather, I’ll be able to score a A or maybe AA rating in small bore before the season is over.

Tomorrow I will be traveling to Harrisburg to attend the pro second amendment rally there.  I will be reporting back on the happenings as soon as I get home, but morning and afternoon blogging will probably be light.

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  1. While I couldn’t make it to the Rally on Monday April 7 I did call my state rep. and voice my displeasure on her support and vote for the Levdansky amendment. I would like to keep up the comments to her, and wanted to ask for your help. I have trouble getting advance notice of upcoming votes in the Penna House and thought that the other commentators could make suggestions on how to obtain info. The official Penna website is hard to use without have some sort of idea on what to look for. Any ideas – suggestions? Today, on radio KWY Phila, was a story about yet another gun issue bill(?) to be voted on today or tomorrow, but not enough information was given (of course) to allow one to check it more throughly.

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