Name that Object

Bruce seems to have found a mystery object.  I’m stumped.  Any of you have an idea?

5 Responses to “Name that Object”

  1. RedneckInNY says:

    It looks like the long skinny part would be spliced between the split ends of a long pole and then wrapped tight with catgut to make a “snake chopping tool” for getting rid of them pesky snakes. But, I could be wrong. Could also be a hoe-like farming implement with the handle long gone.

  2. J T Bolt says:

    Hard to tell without something to see it to scale. But implement like that are used to chop cabbage in teh kitchen for slaw, cut tobacco for cigars, and cut leather for shoes.

  3. Big T says:

    Could be some sort of a hide scraper – but it’s hard to tell the size of the item from the photo…….

  4. BobG says:

    It’s the blade to a manual lawn edger.

  5. kaveman308 says:

    Whatever it is, it looks dangerous and we should ban it.