Symposium on Handgun Violence

If any of my readers wish to attend a Symposium on Handgun Violence held at Duquesne University, near Pittsburgh, one is being held April 9th.  I’m looking for someone who might want to go and take notes, and report back to me here.  A guest blogging opportunity may be offered if you feel like doing a write up about it.

It would also be good to have pro-gun folks there to ask the anti-gun speakers tough and intelligent questions if there’s any Q&A follow up after they speak.

One thought on “Symposium on Handgun Violence”

  1. Sebastian: I passed this along to a friend of mine who lives near Pittsburgh, and he passed it on to Jim Quinn, the conservative talk show host on 104.7 in the Burgh. I’m hoping that will help get the word out to the “good guys”.

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