8 thoughts on “Embarrassing”

  1. The firearms disassembly books by Gun Digest are a necessity.
    Long arms designed by John Browning are worse than anything by Ruger.

  2. Or you could just take it to a gunsmith in a shoebox and claim your kid took it apart like everyone else does.

  3. I did not blame my kid, it was a drunk friend that took it apart i swear!

  4. Don’t do it. My 22/45 went back to the gun store in less than 24 hours after purchase due to me thinking I could put it back together properly. I bent the ever loving &^*! out of a little bar that goes in a dent somewhere.

    However, I can’t clean it like I normally do and still see little bits of gunk which drives me crazy. I’m one of those “shoot, disassemble, clean, shoot again” people, but I’m getting better.

  5. I was too, at one point. Now I clean when I start noticing problems. The only pieces I keep meticulously clean are ones which are ready for self-defense.

  6. I have had the same trouble with a Ruger and Mossberg triggers awhile back. Even with Al Gore’s internet I couldn’t get the the assmbled back together again. I sometimes think they Ruger uses Geogia Tech or retired NASA engineers to design their guns.

  7. Ruger makes a great gun…that is until you start taking them apart, then, good luck. I wouldnt trade my Rugers for anything, yet Ive sweated trying to put the bolt back into a mini 14, 16 different ways and just when Im about to give up, it just “falls in”. I do that every time, Im a glutton for punishment. And least we not forget the plunger spring that can come out of the gun at 2200 fps. Keep a magnet handy, its the only way you may find it again. Same with my MKII 22. By the time you get that back piece back in, youll have shaved twice. Then it too all of a sudden, “just falls in”.

    In the past, Ive taken apart the metal work of a Garand, M1A, AK, AR, an Endfield, an SKS even a Win 94 down to the completest of disassembly including triggers and bolts (except the AR), and have had no problem getting them back together again (admittedly, I did need the manual on most). But when it comes to Ruger, have the manual, a sandwich and some valums on hand, cause you may be a while.

    Advice: I dont think theres really a need to take apart the trigger assembly on any gun under normal operation. Most groups can be cleaned, air blasted and LIGHTLY oiled in their intrinsic assemblies. If it gets sandy or muddy, blast it with a garden hose if you want, it wont hurt it, then blow it with air until its dry, lightly oil it and put it back.

    Remember this, if you can take it apart, you can put it back together again, it’ll just take you longer thats all. And if there are any parts left over, throw them away, you probably didnt need them anyway.

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