Another Tough E-Postal

I went to the range tonight to try out the latest e-postal match. It’s another one for people who have great eyesight! I can’t even really see the last few targets. When I first got to the range, I was wondering why my shots were floating left and right so much. I can suck some nights, but I was really pulling the shots all over. Turns out my front sight was loose, and moving all over the place. I’ll have to keep an eye on that in the future.

Another thing I need to look into getting is some decent grips for my Mk.III Hunter. I have large hands. That’s one reason I like shooting double stack pistols. The single stack grip on the Mk.III just doesn’t have a pleasing grip for me, and I think I need something thicker in order to improve my shooting with it.

I’ve decided since I can’t see the smaller targets, it’s worth it for me to use the last two or three shots to make multiple shots at the other high value bullseyes.  I got 49/91 shooting two handed weaver stance once I tightened the front sight back up. I missed the six. Didn’t hit 11, 12 or 13. Bummer. Maybe I can do better. But this is just two handed. I will suck up the page shooting one handed when I try that.

3 thoughts on “Another Tough E-Postal”

  1. What ammo are you shooting? I normally go with WallyWorld’s cheapest federal stuff. However I bought a box of Federal Automatch. It seemed to produce a cloud about half the size of the bulk pack. Have you found anything better?

    I’ve printed out a stack of targets and am planning on some range time Wednesday before it gets too hot (Forecast 117F). I think the target will work well for rifle @ 50 yards offhand as well.

    This is fun… we’ve had this Ruger 22/45 for quite a while but it rarely goes to the range… These matches provide an excuse to bring it along and get proficient with it.

  2. I’m just using Federal Game-Shok .22LR high velocity, 40gr copper plated. Nothing special really. Sometimes I use Remington “Golden Bullets”, the really cheap shit you buy in bulk that leaves gold reside on your hands when you handle it.

    I never buy match ammo… I can’t afford to shoot it. I generally go on the cheap side of the range. Unless you’re an expert shooter, the ammo is going to be more accurate than you are. I’m not up to the level yet where ammunition matters as much.

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