Youth Rifle Programs

You actually get good articles on the shooting sports in local papers outside of Philadelphia.  I think this is actually true of most areas.  This is an area of the country where high schools still have rifle teams.   But there are still ninnies:

The event was moved after State College Area school board members refused to grant space at Mount Nittany Middle School, citing the district’s no-weapons policy.

The board’s decision in January disappointed leaders of the Tussey Mountain club, who wanted to hold it in the club’s hometown. It also sent a message to local shooting aficionados who think the sport deserves respect and support from the public.

School boards are elected, and we should get to work on putting people in there who will restore the rifle program to the middle school.  In these communities, there’s probably enough support for youth shooting programs to put significant pressure on the school board to change their policy.

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  1. I wonder if the track and field program competes in the shot put or javelin events? Surely those can be considered weapons.

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