E-Postaled Out

I think I’ve done about as well as I’m going to do in this match. I went to shoot at my club tonight, with a mind to do some outdoor shooting at 100 yards with the 10/22. I arrived kind of late though, and only got about 15 rounds off before I decided it was getting a little too dark.

Switch to the indoor range. Tried out the E-Postal with the Glock a bit to see if could do any better. Had a really hard time hitting anything over the 8 with it. I probably could have worked my way up to hitting the 9, 10, and maybe 11, but I told myself I wouldn’t blow more than 50 rounds with the Glock. 9mm is just too expensive right now.

Switch to the Mk.III, and I seem to be doing better than I was last time. I managed to shoot a 65 two handed.

Hitting the 11 was a lucky shot! I figured if I can hit the 11, I can surely hit the 12. But no, I pulled that one way down, and to the right. I would have been better off going for the 1 circle, and getting an extra point. But these are the gambles you take with this target. Next I had to try one handed. Now, I’ve been practicing one handed, and I’m getting to the point where I don’t totally suck. I shot 55 one handed.

I discovered Ahab’s advice about taking your time to be quite useful. I instituted a rule of loading no more than one round at a time, which improved my shooting dramatically. I tend to practice more rapid shooting.  If I put 5 rounds in a magazine (club maximum), I rush my shooting, which was killing me in bullseye stance.

I think this is about as well as I’m going to shoot on this match. To be honest, I can’t see anything beyond the 10 circle well, and I can’t see the 12 and 13 circle at all. This was the hardest match so far, I think. Golf at least had color to aim at. This circles target was as much a test for eyesight and dealing with poor sight picture as it was for holding the gun steady and trigger technique. My advise for other shooters is to do the middle row first. Errant shots have a good chance of hitting the other circles! I had that happen at least twice.  Even hit the 13 by chance first time I tried the target, unfortunately the rest of the target sucked, and my single handed shooting was atrocious in that first session.

Good luck to everyone.  You have until Monday the 30st to get your entry in, if you want to participate.  But you should!  Go download the target from Conservative UAW Guy.

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  1. Ahab says:

    I’m going to the range tomorrow to try it with the Anti-Mr. Completely as well as my 9mm Taurus and .32 ACP Beretta. It would be generous to describe the sights on the Beretta as “rudimentary”.