Hardest… E-Postal… Ever!

Well, maybe not ever, but as long as I’ve been doing them. I went to the range tonight to see what I could produce. The answer was crap. I think what frustrates me the most about this match is I just have a hard time seeing the target. I posted a 1.5 inch ring target, and I can hit that consistently, but put me on the shrinking circles, and I feel lucky to hit the 8, which is the same size.

I think the difficulty is just having a really weak point of aim. The numbers in the circles are a little distracting. They are difficult to see. I think Conservative UAW guy has done a good job here. He’s managed to frustrate me more than the Golf match! At least there I could aim at color!

Anyway, results, rimfire iron, were:

Two handed, weaver stance, 25ft – 52 points out of 91
One handed, bullseye stance, 25ft – 36 points out of 91
88 points total.

I’ll see if I can return to the range before the end of the month to beat this score. I might not have time though. If I do return, I might give it a shot with the Glock. The Glock certainly isn’t a precision shooter, but I’m comfortable with it, and I want to see if maybe that counts for something. The larger caliber could also help turn some of those near hits into hits :)

2 thoughts on “Hardest… E-Postal… Ever!”

  1. Thanks for posting your intermediate results. My practice session scores tended to range from the high 20’s to low 40’s (out of 91). I got some lucky shots last weekend and submitted the targets. We’ll have to wait for the judges ruling on the score as a couple shots were close calls. I don’t see any white between the edge of the circle and the bullet mark so I think they”ll count. However I’ll accept the decision of the judges.

    Bigger calibers presents an interesting tradeoff… Bigger holes improve the chance of close encounters, but also bigger recoil to deal with. Not a problem if you’re accustomed to it, big problem if you aren’t.

    BTW, Are you going to try the CZ-82? I just got one and turned in a 38/39 (77 total). (Yea, I scored better off-handed than two handed). Sometime the flyers fall in the right place. And if you consider the target, most of the target is “scoreable area”. If the circles were spread out more, my score would undoubtedly be lower.

    IOW, slop counts in this game.

  2. I haven’t tried the CZ-82 yet. I haven’t gotten enough experience with it yet to try a match with it. I don’t really plan to carry it, so I may never get enough range time with it, and I’m running low on 9mm Makarov. I might give the Glock a try though, even though I’ve been trying to cut back on my non .22LR ammo consumption as of late.

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