We Don’t Want Your Kind Here

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission wants to shut down a gun club:

Baxter, a Pacifica resident, is one of about 300 members worried about losing access to their favorite pastime as the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission develops a plan aimed at improving the health of the Lake Merced watershed and increasing recreational opportunities at the long-neglected lake. The gun club is the only recreational activity at risk of being closed as part of the possible changes.

It looks like a club for shotgunners, mostly.  But that isn’t stopping residents of the smuggiest city in America from getting their panties in a bunch:

But the prospect of shutting the gun club has some people steaming mad and others celebrating. In a city that voted three years ago to ban handguns entirely, many residents may be surprised that a gun club exists – and some of its critics are hoping to seize on the anti-firearm sentiment.

Felicia Zeiger, who lives in Merced Heights, has made the club a crusade for years. She says she can’t garden on weekends because of the noise, and is often forced to drive to the other side of the city to walk her dog, who is terrified by the cacophony. 

Club’s been there longer than you lady, deal with it.  This is what happens when burdensome gun regulations drive the number of gun owners below critical mass.  The don’t have to make guns illegal if we have no where to shoot them.

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  1. How friggin close does Ms. Zeiger live to the range? My Sis-in-law lives about 200 yards tops from a trap field. The noise isn’t even somthing you should notice after a while. Its definetly not enugh to scare any dog worth his salt.

    Hell the gunshots in the PARKING LOT of my club aren’t even that loud unless somebody it shooting a monster like a .300 Win Mag on the 200 yard range.

    Guns aren’t popular in CA so the lies are belived on face value.

  2. Wait till you get a load of the latest California-Collectivist scheme, registering Ammunition owners: AB2062 would require that law-abiding gun owners obtain a permit to buy handgun ammunition and would impose severe restrictions on the private transfers of handgun ammunition. Applicants for a “permit-to-purchase” would be required to submit to a background check, pay a $35 fee, and wait as long as 30 days to receive the permit.
    IMO none of this would be remotely possible if the voting districts were not gerrymandered and in the sole and dominant ownership of the Democrat Central Committee – it frees the Legislators from any consequence or responsibility as they are simply replaceable cogs in the Machine.

  3. Answer: Shotgun suppressors.

    But I don’t know if sub-sonic shotgun ammo is good for busting clays…

  4. Nobody lives that close to the club. They’re lying.

    Shotguns only, you (at least used to) shoot out over the water, away from homes and boating is allowed at the other end of the lake while you shoot. The distances are huge.

    Nearest outdoor range for shotties is like is 65 miles away.

    One by one they’re shutting them all down in the Bay Area. Bastards!

  5. Mayor Daley of Chicago did a similar thing to the trap & skeet club on the Chicago lakefront. The pretext in that case was a bogus study purporting to show that lead shot deposited in Lake Michigan harmed waterfowl. Daley and his political allies had long wanted to close the gun club, and once the study came out they moved fast. The study was eventually discredited but by then the damage had been done. What was once a unique and pleasant recreational facility in a major city is now just another refreshment concession and parking lot for municipal vehicles, and public memory of the gun club has faded.

    The very popular Chicago lakefront bike path passed within maybe 100 feet of where people were shooting. I used to bike past it all the time. If noise had been a problem it would have been the pretext to close the place. The real problem was that Daley and the liberals who live along the Lake were offended by the idea of people being allowed to shoot guns in their city. I wish they were as offended by violent crime.

    Sebastian’s statement that “this is what happens when burdensome gun regulations drive the number of gun owners below critical mass” is exactly right.

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