Help Save Holmesburg

NRA has issued an alert asking folks to help Holmesburg Fish and Game Protective Association continue to operate in the City of Philadelphia:

For seventy-seven years, the Holmesburg Fish and Game Protective Association has served sportsmen and gun enthusiasts throughout Pennsylvania. However, several months ago, the City of Philadelphia sent notice to the Association that its long existing property lease would not be renewed. If no action is taken, the last remaining shooting range in the City of Philadelphia will be forced to close its doors on January 1, 2008.

This one hits close to home for me. The Holmsburg members showed up at one of my club’s meetings asking us to take them in, but we were very close to our membership cap at the time, and they were declined. We have taken some of them in, but we can’t take all of them.

What the City of Philadelphia is doing here is utterly disgraceful. Who must pay for violent in Philadelphia? Certainly not the criminals. It’s the honest sportsmen who have to pay. It’s the honest sportsmen that aren’t welcome in the City of Brotherly Love. The criminals? Well… they rule the streets, and run the city.

So make a call if you can. It’ll mean a lot of the folks who our club can’t take in, and we’re really the only other club close by.

4 thoughts on “Help Save Holmesburg”

  1. What the heck is wrong in Philly?

    First theBoy Scouts and now the Holmesburg Fish and Game Protective Association?

    The council members must have all gone over to the Dark Side. They certainly have lost all sense of right and wrong–all their common sense, too.

  2. Why don’t you increase the size of your membership ? How can you have too many members in a gunclub ?

  3. “The council members must have all gone over to the Dark Side.”-joated.

    Think about that one for a minute. Perhaps you can discover just whom it is they are trying to protect.

  4. If you’re talking the criminal, corrupt element within the city, I’m in agreement and that’s the reason for the choice of phrase.

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