Philadelphia Commerative “Assault Weapons” Drive

To commemorate the city’s passing of the new anti gun bill, which includes an expanded assault weapons ban, I have decided that I will now take an AK-47, unloaded and uncased, with a 30 round magazine, on a little drive through the city. I’ll be driving a green Honda Element in the Northeast. Any Philadelphia Police officer who wants to pull me over and arrest me, so I can have standing for a nice big fat lawsuit, feel free!

UPDATE: No fun.  Even made an illegal turn.  Oh well, there’s always the next drive after it’s law!

Of course, it’s still not signed yet. So this is purely symbolic at this point, just like these ordinances! But I will be sure to do another before the ink from Street’s pen is dry on the bill.

4 thoughts on “Philadelphia Commerative “Assault Weapons” Drive”

  1. The problem is that eventually their eyes are on the prize of declaring themselves sovereign from the state. I guess Denver Colorado did this, and then it got tied up in court for a while, and narrowly was allowed by the state supreme court last year. Fortunately I was out of Denver before I became an outlaw, but I fear that Philly will do it, then the cities and towns surrounding Phillthy will too.

  2. The real risk is that the city starts trying to enforce their gun laws. I doubt, though, that it would last long before the money they’d be paying out in lawsuits would put a stop to the practice.

    There’s not much risk of the courts upholding Philly’s gun ordinances. There’s well established precedent on preemption, and it’s been upheld every time.

  3. What’s bizarre is how this part of Pennsylvania is another galaxy from Philly (or Filthadelphia, as the locals here call it). It’s just like back home in Indiana here. Gun racks, pickups, NRA stickers. Hey, our Sheriff is a Democrat, and he’s been listed on and other sites as the Sheriff in Pennsylvania to contact for a non-resident license. And the gun owners here love the guy.

    Go figure.

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