City of Philadelphia Terminating Club Lease

The City of Philadelphia appears to be terminating the lease of Holmesburg Fish and Game Protective Association, which is a shooting club in the Northeast:

On Wednesday August 1st the City of Philadelphia notified the Holmesburg Fish & Game Protective Association that it was terminating our lease and that we must vacate the premises and remove all personal property by December 31, 2007. The notice was hand-delivered to the club by several uniformed representatives of a city agency.

Remember this folks, when they tell you that they have no desire to target legal gun owners. It is a lie. The only object of the anti-gunners is the end of gun ownership in the United States. If there’s anyone who doubts that at this point, they aren’t paying enough attention.

One Response to “City of Philadelphia Terminating Club Lease”

  1. You have to go out with a fight. I am from the UK and watched handguns and automatic weapons get banned. It all started in much the same way. It is our right, and should not be taken from us. Good Luck