Paul Helmke’s Heller Comments

You have to give the man one thing, he’s a master of delivery when it comes to Brady’s message:


Listen carefully, becuase Helmke is framing Brady’s post Heller strategy, which is getting as many gun laws as possible upheld as reasonable.  Naturally we want to get as many of them thrown out as infringements.

Hat tip to Jacob.

4 Responses to “Paul Helmke’s Heller Comments”

  1. Brad says:

    Perhaps the next logical step for pro-gun litigation after D.C. v. Heller is not to go after a state law (via incorporation with the 14th Amendment). Maybe a follow-up lawsuit against the awful Washington D.C. “assault-weapon” ban is better strategy!

  2. Weer'd Beard says:

    I belive Helmke will be proposing a ban on “High Powered Questions”

    There is no reasonable person who would need to pose such questions as were done that day!

    ; ]

  3. Sebastian says:

    You probably want to go for incorporation as soon as you can. If you wait until you have a body of law that means something, then judges will know what they are opening the door to. If the Supreme Court narrowly rules that DC’s ban is a violation of the second amendment, and doesn’t say much else, which I suspect they will do, if the judge thinks “Well, OK… If we incorporate this, a total ban is not allowed, but this won’t risk upsetting a lot of other state regulation.” that ought to be just fine by us.

  4. JJR says:

    I’d love to see Chicago, IL be the next legal target for our side. It’s staggering to realize just how slow the wheels of justice turn when you stop to realize the original Heller case, which began as the Parker case, got kicked off back in 2001, and it’s now 2008, so it may take nearly another decade to tear down Chicago’s unconstitutional bans and win incorporation under the 14th Amendment…it’s going to be a long, protracted struggle, but we shall overcome.