Helmke Calls for Sweeping Gun Bans

In moments of less than guarded statements, sometimes you get some real honesty out of the Brady Campaign:


Lets look at what Helmke’s choices are:

  • Any pistol larger than .38 caliber is illegal.
  • Shotguns must be 12 gauge or smaller, and must be 25 inches or longer.
  • Rifles in military calibers, or larger than .30 caliber are unlawful.
  • Licenses for purchase, possession, and transportation required.
  • Licensed collectors subject to home invasion inspection, and inspections are frequent.
  • Full registration

So which of these laws do we need to adopt over here, Paul?  Are these all “reasonable gun laws?”

12 thoughts on “Helmke Calls for Sweeping Gun Bans”

  1. >>Paul? Are these all “reasonable gun laws?”

    And to this Mr. Helmke would reply … “Well, they are a reasonable start.”

  2. Hmmm, no smaller than .30 but no bigger than .38? Lot’s of ‘freedom’ between those numbers.

    Are crime sprees with a 10 gauge really an issue? I mean, generally when I want to rob a Quickie Mart, the first thing I reach for is a Punt Gun.

    That list there bans all but two of my firearms. Too bad I’d not turn them in.

  3. Yes, Paul, because those strict gun laws in Mexico are working oh so well to reduce gun violence there.

    Paul Helmke is a fool.

  4. Are people being killed with 10 or 8 guage shotguns? Rifles smaller than .30 cal banned – So I can still buy a .338 but not a .22?

    Since when is Mexico a model for anything? That country is only a warning for others.

  5. “Any pistol larger than .38 caliber is illegal”

    I like that one. Sounds like he’s been talking to a 45 enthusiast – “Oh 9mm? You can hurt anyone with that pansy-assed gun.”

  6. The BC homepage has a 28 page report blaming America for Mexico’s situation.

  7. This isn’t even about “safety” or “violence reduction” as far as the Fraidy Campaign is concerned. It’s about POWER, and reducing “common rabble” like you, dear reader, to cringing, dependent, frightened sheep in need of a “savior” – and guess who’ll step up to bat as the “savior”(s)? Yep, you guessed it… people like Paul Helmke.
    BTW, Helmke and his ilk don’t care about people dying, or
    violence in Mexico, or what have you. People like this want
    POWER, and influence. You and I (and Mexicans perhaps?) We’re just inconsequential turds whose rights to freedom, independence, and effective self-defense are obstacles in the way of the ambitions of Helmke and people like him. Remember that in 2010, and vote wisely!

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