Fattah on Heller

You all might remember Chaka Fattah.  He’s a Congressman that represents Philadelphia, and is the lead member of the Congressional brief filed in favor of DC’s position.  You know, the one that he got a whopping 18 other fellow congress critters to sign on to.  Well, he hasn’t given up pooping on your second amendment rights.

At issue is Washington D.C.’s law that bans handguns. An appeals court has ruled it unconstitutional under the Second Amendment. This is the first time that the Supreme Court has revisited the Second Amendment since 1939, when it upheld Congress’s right to legislate about guns. Since then the Congress has passed, and Presidents have signed, numerous laws that regulate sales, shipment, use and concealment of all kinds of firearms and ammunition. Cities and states have approved and enforced additional regulations.

I have been joined by other members of Congress in an amicus brief that urges the Supreme Court to uphold the District’s law and reverse the Appeals court. Such a ruling by the high court would be in line with settled precedent, and it would permit the District as well as the Congress and municipalities nationwide to continue reasonable regulation and control of such weapons.

Yes, reasonable regulations such as a compete and outright ban on any firearm that is useful for self-defense.  Why do they still use this language?  Are we the only people who can see just how disingenuous it is?  Fattah has eighteen other Congressmen on his brief.  Fifty five members of the senate and 250 members of the House signed on to a brief in favor of Mr. Heller.  As much as Fattah would like to give the impression that his is a growing and influential movement, it is not.  Here’s to hoping he’s disappointed when the ruling is handed down.

3 thoughts on “Fattah on Heller

  1. It’s quite telling, too, that instead of publishing the opinion in the the Philadelphia Inquirer or Daily News, there in the city that’s the social and geographical center of the American Revolution and independence……..he published it in a “minority”-orinented news paper in Louisiana…

  2. Self defense, you say? Pshaw! Fattah assures us there is “no legitimate purpose for those weapons.”

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