Kimber Mauser Conversion Help

Rustmeister is blegging for some help in this area:

Have opportunity to buy a Kimber conversion of Swede M96 Mauser to 7.62NATO. Barrel cut down to Ranch rifle and forward sited scope mount permanently pinned into old leaf sight box (minus scope). Price is $250.00 tax & all. Anybody hear of anything about these Kimber conversions? And what scope would you suggest for a “ranch rifle”? Good deal? Bad deal?

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  1. Just like to remind that the 6.5 swede is a early mauser design and it would be pushing the safety limits to use a modern hi-power cartridge in the action. OK if you down load it to 45,000 cup and lower. Better to stick to the 6.5X55 cartridge and its efficiency with 140gr. bullets.


    all yaneed is love and a .45

  2. A small ring Mauser does seem a bit … small for .308.

    On the other hand, the C96 is Excellent Steel, and the similarly-small-ring Civil Guard Mausers handle .308 just fine; Kim DuToit related that they’ve been tested to destruction at about 100,000 CUP – well more than twice .308 rated pressure, IIRC.

    I wouldn’t convert a C96 to .308, but I wouldn’t worry about firing one that was converted professionally, either.

  3. I purchased one of these rifles when they were first offered. I too was worried about the possibility of overpressure so I had it rebarreled to .257 Roberts.

    It is a tack driver!

  4. if you are still looking at this, I have a small ring in .308 converted by spain and it does just fine( likes the 150 grain soft point) I would not worry about a conversion by Kimber, after all it’s kimber. as for the scope a 2×7 extended relief is just about ideal for me.

  5. My son has one in the 6.5×55 sporterized by kimber. It drives tacks at 100 yards with federal 140g. Knowing the quality of kimber Im sure they took everything in mind. dont reload for over kill and im sure it will drive tacks too. Ive put 5 shoots under a dime with it and that works for me.

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