The Big Day

SCOTUSBlog will live blog the results.  Talked to Bitter who is outside.  She said pro-gun representation is pretty low outside, but that’s not too surprising considering that no one asked anyone to show up.  The line, I’m told, consisted mostly of law students.  A few people we know would appear to have gotten in, including Countertop, from what I’m hearing.  So that is good news.

Paul Helmke and Peter Hamm were there from what Bitter said.  They went in.  I told Bitter if she sees them coming out to get a picture of herself with them.  I want the look on their faces as they come out to be forever preserved.  According to Bitter, their talking points this morning have been very down; they are already acting as if they’ve lost this one.

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  1. I shouldn’t have to say this, but if you get a picture of Pauly and Petey, post it!

  2. As I was leaving I got into a conversation with a man about the unfortunate state of affairs of the one or two lunatics who stood at the edge of the crowd and shouted about the Bible or whatever. He told me he was a member of the SC Bar and although retired, he still got to attend oral arguments. However, they have to sit in a “listening room” away from chambers. Still, they get to hear the arguments in real time.
    He said that “Dellinger was brilliant.” But when I listened to the arguments later, Dellinger did not sound so good. He stammered and used run-together sentences to try to get back on track after being side-tracked by several questions from the Justices. I thought he did poorly.
    Gura did very well, although he sounded nervous and started out speaking so fast that Scalia interrupted to ask him to slow down. These oral arguments weren’t so much lectures as grilling sessions. Hard to prepare for them.
    The SG sounded like a young whippersnapper!

  3. My wife and I got in after spending the night on the concrete. The crowd that got in was mixed with lawyer larvae there mostly because it was a big case and pro-gunners.

    It was funny that almost every media person who covered us during the evening was going down the line trying to find someone who supported the ban. They had no luck that I could see.

    We later found out that more than a few in line were paid to hold spots. Someone apparently got as much as $220.

    I’m sorry to not have known that Bitter was outside. I’d liked to have met her.

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