Violence Policy Center Renewed FFL

Looks like they renewed it.  Someone call Sugarmann and ask him how much he charges to do a transfer?  Maybe Sugarmann could make some more money being the first FFL to open for business in DC, rather than continuing to preside over the failing enterprise that is the VPC.

7 Responses to “Violence Policy Center Renewed FFL”

  1. Carl in Chicago says:

    I can’t seem to log in, or otherwise comment on the Bitches’ site. Bitter, if you want to paste this into your post, please feel free.

    Joyce Foundation of Chicago’s donations to the VPC:

    2003: $500,000.00 (duration one year)

    2004: $500,000.00 (duration one year)

    2005: $450,000.00 (duration one year)

    2006: $700,000.00 (duration 18 months)

    2007: $700,000.00 (duration one year)

  2. Mike Gordon says:

    Why the hell isn’t this a bigger story? And why isn’t this being investigate further? I live in New Jersey and for me to get an FFL would require that I have a state license (ain’t gonna happen) and that I not be in violation of any local ordinances. The BATFE has made it clear that to have an FFL one must be in business and the VPC is not in the gun business.

  3. Sebastian says:

    ATF will issue to people who are in the business of consulting and gun smithing too. That’s probably how VPC got theirs.

  4. Turk Turon says:

    BATF should inspect the VPC’s transaction records.
    The complete lack of any records is very suspicious. Just think of all the times they might have used an “N” instead of a “NO”. Can the VPC prove they didn’t?

  5. ParatrooperJJ says:

    There are several FOIA requests pending for the ATF inspection records of VPC. it will be interesting to see what they turn up.

  6. Sebastian says:

    The FOIA request I’ve seen weren’t done properly, so my guess is they’ll get ignored.

  7. B Smith says:

    Can anyone tell me just what the hell an anti-gun group is doing with an FFL? I mean, wouldn’t that seem to indicate that they had some interest in buying and/or selling GUNS? Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. Over?