Destroying More of Their Credibility: National Park Carry

Josh Sugarmann gets hysterical about an upcoming change that will take place in a few weeks allowing us to carry in National Parks, consistent with state law. I’d be hard pressed to say a single reason is responsible for the decline in the fortunes of the anti-gun movement, but I think the histrionics over the danger of concealed carry been a big factor. With the help of their allies in the media, the anti-gun groups have, at every step, consistently predicted dire consequences and consistently been wrong every time. We’ve managed to substantially reduce crime in this country while simultaneously liberalizing our gun laws. February 22nd will be a total non-event. People will come and visit the parks as usual, and, like before, most of them will not be carrying guns. A few of us will, but chances are, no one will notice.

You’d think after a while they’d stop beating the same drum, continuing to lose credibility. Lost in the argument Sugarmann and the Bradys make, trying to scare people with the prospect of open carry, is why you don’t see people open carrying rifles and handguns in the multitude of other venues, including state parks in most states, where people may legally do all those things now. Open carry is a total non-issue. It’s not that widely practiced. After February 22nd, people will be no more likely to see an openly carried firearm in a National Park than they will anywhere else. That’s not to say you’ll never see it. Even I’ve practiced open carry while hiking, and one other time I’ve run into someone else on the trail open carrying. But it’s never been a big deal. If the sight of a gun that bothers you that much, I recommend counseling to help you get over your irrational fears.

12 thoughts on “Destroying More of Their Credibility: National Park Carry”

  1. Who do we have with any serious credibility to answer these crazy tactics? We can not ignore Josh, nor should we ignore the Daily News Editorials filled with lies.
    We need to gather a team of knowledgeable credible people to respond to these tactics and write rebuttals.

    But who?

  2. We helped Dan get an editorial placed once. The trouble is, the media isn’t all that interested in telling our story fairly. Especially the Philly media.

  3. Huh. We already had a rule in place for time, until the Brady’s got a judge to put a hold on it, that allowed concealed carry in NP’s and nothing bad happened then. I wonder what’s significantly different this time?

  4. This time it’s an Act of Congress, and stipulates the NPS rule must be in accordance with state law on the matter. The only task left for NPS is figuring out what a federal facility is in their context. Likely a visitor center will be a federal facility.

  5. Not to mention out here in the sticks of Oregon, Washington, Alaska it’s already legal to carry in National Forests, just not National Parks. I must some how be more dangerous when I’m in Crater Lake as opposed to Siuslaw or Big Horn.

  6. Technically, it was already legal to carry in many of Alaska’s National Parks, something negotiated with the Feds at some point. Alaskan exceptionalism for the win. =)

  7. Not in Denali though, as far as I knew. And believe me, I would have felt better it was when that grizz was nosing around my tent, hahaha.

  8. Yeah, ’cause it’s hard to get in there without going along the park road at all, lol. Thanks for that info!

  9. I’m excited about being able to carry in Denali national park.

    Open carry is quite common on our state park trails. I’d say its around 50/50, with a good percentage of those open carrying packing a long gun, and some carrying a long gun and a handgun. Some are hunting but not everyone.

    Then again, we have grizzly bears up here.

  10. Not to open the can of worms again, but that kinda dovetails back to the discussion of when and where long gun open carry makes sense. Wilderness areas and parks, definitely.

    Oh, Chris, your blog went “invite only” it seems. At least when I try to read it.

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