I Couldn’t Agree More

Tam thinksY’know, if only this vapid, content-free crap was more crisp and colorful, I’d totally watch it?”  I have been pondering dropping cable TV for a long time because I never watch it, and it’s horribly expensive.  There are only a few programs I watch, but I’m not sure I like them to the tune of 80 bucks a month.

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  1. I haven’t had a TV around for over two years.

    Son James and I watch some TV series via NetFlix and/or purchase of the entire season on DVD. Barb and I watch a few more the same way. No ads and its much cheaper than cable.

  2. I have to agree. I’ve been cable-tv free for years. I get alot more reading done, and the television shows I watch on DVD I can watch on my own time.

  3. You won’t take my Food Network from me unless it’s from my cold dead hands! Babe, how do you think I find out about cool recipes to try? :)

  4. I’m going to, very likely, drop my cable for a low-option dish.

    That’ll get me Food, Cartoon, and History, for about half the price. Since those are all I ever watch, and then only while making and eating dinner, it’s a giant win.

  5. I stopped watching TV in College. Now our Tee-Vees are for DVDs and Video Games only.

    Also Bitter you can buy many of the food network shows at target for a SONG. Mr. Weer’d has a good 3 solid feet of DVD rack devoted ONLY to Alton Brown and Rachel Ray, and all of that cost about a month’s savings of dumping the signal, and they’re all commertial free! Once you start drinkin directly from the DVD its hard to go back to commertial breaks!


  6. Well, ’round here it’s cheaper for me to have (limited) basic cable with my intertubes than it is to go naked (I haven’t figured that one out). About all it’s good for is watching L&O when I’m sick; since the food & gun pr0n isn’t on limited basic. (We were gettting regular basic for a while, which did include some nice stuff: sci-fi and the aforementioned food & gun pr0n, until a service guy discovered that someone prior to him had forgotten to put a filter in and rectified the error).

  7. Well, between Battlestar Galactica, Smallville, Mythbusters, Eureka, Little People (for Better Half), Painkiller Jane, Who’s Line, a few of the atrocious SciFi Channel movies, and a couple of other shows, my TiVo is kept fairly busy… And while I will probably end up purchasing the DVDs for some of them, some of them (such as Mythbusters) are just absurdly expensive. More often than not, I just have the stuff on in the background, but I still enjoy the flexibility of catching random shows on TV when I get the chance. That, and my TiVo contract is still good…

  8. I’ve got just one more email account to port over from my cable-modem ISP to my Crackberry, and then I’m going to turn in the lot: cable-TV and cable-modem. I’m sick of the expense (in 25 years the monthly cost has quintupled) and the commercials. I’ve got a lot of great DVDs to watch (last night was The Guns of Navarone). I’ve had a lot of maintenance issues with the TV side and the Internet side and I’ve just run out of patience. If the cable company installs fiber optics right up to my set, cuts the price in half and adds 50 commercial HD channels, I’ll sign up again. Otherwise forget it. ‘Cause if I drop my wired-in home phone and my cable service, the monthly savings will pay for this Crackberry in less than a year.

  9. Cable is expensive because it’s practically a monopoly. I happen to live in an area where Comcast isn’t the only game in town. I get basic digital cable + cable internet from a competitor for $40+ cheaper a month than Comcast.

  10. They aren’t a monopoly where I am anymore either. Verizon is offering cable TV for half the price. I might have to switch.

  11. Verizon’s TV service seems pretty good, though they might not carry every channel you’d want. Unfortunately, they recently updated their set top box’s user interface. It sucks right now. A VCR time can’t even be set (A “reminder” timer is set, but won’t automatically tune to a different station.)

  12. Barring the timer problem!

    (Only way around it I can think of is to have a TIVO that takes cable cards…)

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