Warm Bodies Wanted

Some of you may know we’re hosting a Bucks County Friends of the NRA event in a week, next Thursday, September 15th at 5:30PM. But this is a new event, and we’re running short on the numbers needed to make the event a success. If you live in the Philadelphia Metro Area, and you can spare some time to come help out NRA’s shooting programs, we’d love to have folks attend. We are going to try to have an SiH table, if enough folks are interested in attending. There are raffles, and because attendance is pretty low, the chances of walking away with a gun are going to be a lot higher than at some more established dinners. But even if you don’t walk away with a gun, it’s for a good cause.

For those not familiar with the Friends programs, the money raised at these events goes straight to shooting sports programs. It doesn’t go to pay salaries, or to NRA’s political activities. Half the money raised by PA Friends’ dinners stays here in Pennsylvania to support shooting programs here. If you look at the programs Friends’ supports, it’s basically about getting more guns into the hands of kids, which has a well known effect on our opponents.

If you’d like to buy a ticket, or get a friend to buy a ticket, you can follow the link here. Bitter and I would be most appreciative of anyone who can come.

8 thoughts on “Warm Bodies Wanted”

  1. If we could make it, we would be there.

    If you could possibly make it to the Bucks County Friends of NRA dinner, please do so. You won’t regret it! I hope someone shows up and beats the record for the most expensive NRA toaster!

  2. There is no way I am getting between Bitter and her unconstitutional toast. Might get some tickets for our bid on some other stuff.

  3. I’m in. Never been to one of these before, but hey, I have to eat, and if I get a chance at a new gun to boot, well then, why not?

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