Idiots With Guns

In this case, an idiot who doesn’t think you should be able to have one.

The photograph has pervaded talk radio and cyberspace, creating blog chatter and a forum for public opinion. Many pundits, bloggers and forum-poster took aim at the mayor. The shot was taken at a public unveiling of new additions to the New Orleans Police Department’s arsenal.

“When most saw it, they were horrified,” Loyola University professor of communications Dr. Robert Thomas said. “The way people feel about guns, with the murder rate here, it’s something we have to deal with.”

All the better to arm the NOPD for the next time they unlawfully invade people’s homes and steal their property.  Can’t have the uppity townspeople outgunning the “good guys” can we?

War on Guns has more.

3 thoughts on “Idiots With Guns”

  1. Watching the video, it’s obvious Nagin did not deliberately point the gun at the police chief.

    HOWEVER, it proves gross negligence to wit no sense of muzzle awareness.

    He was holding the AR15 like he was trying to be happy holding a rattlesnake.

  2. I really thought “New Orleans Prepares For NBA All-Star Game Celebration” should’ve won the caption contest for the picture…

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