I See the Canadian Left is Just as Silly on Guns

So many things wrong with this statement:

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff has promised a St. Catharines woman whose daughter was killed in 1996 with a stolen handgun that his party plans to simplify the gun registry will not weaken it.

OK, so the woman’s daughter was killed with a stolen gun, which I feel we are safe in assuming the daughters murderer did not then go register with police, so to make her feel better I will propose that we streamline the process for rural farmers to register their long guns, which naturally can’t possibly be stolen and used in murders. Because if we streamline the process, maybe then murderers with stolen long guns will go register them with police, giving us the opportunity to catch them.

What I want to know is if this made the woman feel better. I’m betting it did. I’m also betting the woman in question is still grieving, and is a few sandwiches short of a picnic on this issue because of that. Grieving people should not be the basis of public policy, and this is why.

One thought on “I See the Canadian Left is Just as Silly on Guns”

  1. Canada is the nation where a Canadian man successfully got his soldering gun entered into the Canadian long gun registry about five years ago as I recall. I think he even listed the caliber of his soldering gun as 40 Watts.

    I’ll bet there are still plenty of Canadians who will just blame the USA every time a gun crime happens in Canada, rather than say much of anything about Canada’s total joke of criminal justice system, where murderers in a Western Canadian prison got to go on a whale-watching trip in the Pacific Ocean at taxpayer expense, and the live-in girlfriend of a serial sex-crime murderer was given a new identity by the Canadian government, all so that she could start a new life for herself in another province after serving a relatively short sentence for her own complicity in her boyfriend’s kidnapping, raping, and murders of several teen-aged girls.

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