Why Finns are Going to Lose Their Guns

The Finns have traditionally had a strong shooting culture, often centered around using Russians for target practice, but that’s not going to last much longer because their shooting organizations are weak:

Shooting hobbyists and hunters campaign on behalf of responsible gun use. They want to secure the right to use guns as a hobby, while conceding the need for control.

“Sello involved an illegal weapon. Tougher gun legislation would not have been a solution”, says Markku Lainevirta,, head of a project on the development of the shooting hobby launched by the Shooting Hobby Forum.

“It is a step in the right direction that tougher restrictions are coming for the granting of a person’s first handgun licence.”

The Shooting Hobby Forum includes shooting hobbyists, hunters, and military reservists.

How is increasing the restriction on licensing going to help your sport? Will it help bring in more people? Will it help convince the general public that gun ownership in and of itself is not a social ill? I mean, by conceding that we need to increase restrictions, you concede that guns in the hands of individuals contributes to Jokela and Kauhojoki. You’re accepting blame for something in which you are blameless.

This will backfire. Next time this happens, they will come knocking on your door again, and again, and again, until they ask for something you don’t want to give up. By that time, you will have willingly reduced the number of people in your sport to such a degree that you will be politically powerless to resist their demands.

5 thoughts on “Why Finns are Going to Lose Their Guns”

  1. There is another view to this. We have a sign in our office that says essentially (I should know the exact wording, but I don’t – I hate that successory crap) Do it to ourselves before they do it to us.

    If the Finn’s know something is going to happen – better to take control of the process and have gun owners develop what they can live with rather than the gun banners. If/when the political situation changes, you can always go back and fix/eliminate it (don’t laugh – 30 years ago when the NRA was making these same compromises no one would have dreamed of the advances they have manages to secure recently).

  2. If they agree to tighter license restrictions, in the long run that’s going to reduce their numbers and political power. I think they’d be better off fighting this one.

  3. This reminds me of the ol’ Clinton days, when he’d say things like, “While this new law would not have prevented such-and-such tragedy, it is a step in the right direction.”
    He’d then go right on to say that he’s ‘not trying to ban guns or anything’, and basically promise that this particular new restriction was the golden ticket that would set things aright. Apparently, we weren’t supposed to realize that if the proposed bill wasn’t going to work ANYWAY, it was a complete waste of time to discuss it further. Neither were we supposed to ken that “step in the right direction” clearly outlined that “the direction we are headed is total restriction of firearms”.
    You’re right of course, the Finns are headed for more and more restrictions. It’s happening all over the world, and the really depressing part is that NO ONE SEEMS TO BE LEARNING ANYTHING.

  4. Finland has no mass shootings for 80 – 90 years , and the all of of a sudden 3 in 4 years ?….. Finland has the highest rate of gun ownership in the EU, so the globalist gun grabbers need to lull Finns into the whole Sheeple – police state – dictatorship. A police state is not about law and order, a police state is about the monopoly of crime.
    There is nothing random about these three mass shootings in Finland. It is an organized campaign to return Europe and the World to serfdom, slavery and world-wide genocide.

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