Need Some Pro-Gun Representation

It would appear the proprietor of TopGlock is feeling awful about the fact that he sold a pistol to the Virginia Tech scumbag and the NIU scumbag.  He’s started a web site, which includes a forum, open to both sides in the gun debate.  Right now it looks to have some anti-gun representation.   Readers with more time than I have might want to go there to make sure the pro-gun side of the debate is represented.

I don’t think Eric Thompson has anything to feel bad about, any more than a car dealer should feel guilty if he sells a car to a guy who ended up causing a drunk driving fatality.  The moral blame is on the muderous scumbag, not the person who legally sold them the tools.

Hat tip to reader Kaveman, who heard about this on NPR this morning.

2 thoughts on “Need Some Pro-Gun Representation”

  1. Would love to do so. However I feel I would not be very helpful since I tend to debate with a sledge hammer. Can’t help but laugh every time I see the word “unbiased” any way.

  2. I registered and posted a couple of replies. Judging by the number of pro v. anti blogs (and real grass-roots on our side..), we’ll probably end up outnumbering them greatly..

    Now if only I was half as interested in writing on my own blog as I am in arguing with people.

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