Huckabee the Big Winner?

Eric at Classical Values thinks so:

I think the vindictive nastiness turned people off to both McCain and Romney. And there was Mike Huckabee, a mild-mannered populist. Someone who doesn’t talk down to people like Romney, and who doesn’t frighten them like McCain (if only because there’s been no anti-Huckabee hate machine to further frighten those who fear the politics of acrimony).

Huckabee was a protest vote. And I think a lot of the Huckabee voters weren’t so much protesting McCain and Romney as they were the acrimony.

That Huckabee (a Southerner) was dismissed, derided, and laughed at by virtually all the MSM pundits might have been a factor too.

I have to admit, last night I, an anti-Huckabee guy to the core — found myself very soothed by the reassuring cadences of Huckabee’s voice, and the apparent simple humanity of the man, and it was immediately clear what happened. This might be irrational (and of course I am leaving out the Mormon issue — which sooner or later will probably be addressed by someone), but there it is.

The angry anti-McCain chorus (and the response to it) created a backlash, not in McCain’s favor, but in Huckabee’s. I think they wanted to get even with the “sides” — and I don’t blame them even though I recognize that last night’s Huckabee vote was in the long run little more than an act of retaliatory political vandalism.

Read the whole thing.  It’s an interesting take on yesterday’s events.

4 thoughts on “Huckabee the Big Winner?”

  1. You know, that’s actually what took me in about Huck-the-truck is his affable manner. I was watching him during one of the early debates, and he was so calm, and so not-a-dick that I was like “yeah, I could go for that”.

  2. I just wish he’d get off the hunting thing. I heard him suggest the other day he was the only candidate who didn’t have to be told which end to point at the deer.

    Maybe I’m crazy here, but I’m pretty sure John McCain knows which end the bullet comes out of.

  3. Huckabee is huckaback? And here I thought he was huckstering for some huckleberries.

  4. With the exception of abortion, the Huckster is indistinguishable from Jimmy Carter circa 1976.

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