Go John McCain?

With polls showing John McCain coming back strongly in New Hampshire, and me looking at a distinct possibility of Huckabee pulling a win out of Iowa, and with my preferred candidate Fred Thompson not looking good at all, I’m prepared to bury the hatchet with the whole idea of McCain and get behind him by the time Pennsylvania’s primary rolls around.   Compared to my other choices, McCain isn’t looking too bad.

That says a lot about my other choices, none of it good.

8 thoughts on “Go John McCain?”

  1. I like Fred too, but if Fred does drop out then McCain is your guy.

  2. McCain-Feingold still leaves a taste in my mouth.

    Standing behind Fred until it is a lost cause for sure. Having a well thought out 2nd or 3rd pick is a good thing in case the blue bird of election happiness is dumping on ya.

  3. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth too. I’m holding out for Fred, but Pennsylvania’s primary is a long ways off.

  4. McCain gave the biased media more power than ever with McCain-Feingold. So even if he’s pro-2A, he indirectly gave anti’s more power than they had before that.

    I’ll be going to the voting booth no matter what in November, but any of the Huckster/McCain/Rudy/Romney choices kinda bother me.

  5. Sorry, McCain will never get my support. Anyone willing to defecate on the 1st ammendment will defecate on them all.

  6. SLAP SLAP SLAP! WAKE UP! Tomorrow is the beginning of voting season. One little leftist state will “caucus” with maybe 10% of that population going to the arcane “caucus”. THEN another itty bitty state that is mostly leftist and DOESN’T REPRESENT 10% of yankees will vote. And within another month, more states will vote.

    AND THE LIKELY OUTCOME is that 4 people will have 10-20% of the VOTE! IOW there is a good possibility that the nomination will go to the CONVENTION! So quit the whining and WORK for an outcome!

    As someone said, it ain’t over til the fat lady sings.

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