Countertop’s Criticism

I’ve been critical of GOA often in the past, but ouch:

Bottom line, the Gun Owners of America (and by implication Larry Pratt) aren’t worth the paper I just used to wipe shit from ass.

Follow the comment he linked to, where he deconstructs McCain’s GOA F rating.  I would note, though, that NRA also dinged McCain’s grade because of McCain-Feingold.  Last time he ran with a NRA grade of C+, if I recall.

To my mind, McCain’s worst sin against gun owners is huckstering for AHSA speaking in favor of banning private sales at gun shows.   His worst sin against the constitution is McCain-Feingold.

7 thoughts on “Countertop’s Criticism”

  1. I feel stupid for having sent them money in the past when they sounds much less batshit insane. I feel it was money that would have been put to better use at the NRA-ILA.

  2. McCain’s biggest sin is “campaign finance reform.” That directly affects how NRA and others function. Gun rights still exist because NRA formed ILA and the reason ILA is effective is the PVF. If you take out the ability of the PVF to participate in the political selection process politicians will not take ILA anywhere near as seriously as they do now.

  3. Sounds more like anger at being proven wrong by someone’s whose opinion you don’t respect. So far, it seems to me the hysterical screeching of GOA has been more accurate than the reassurances of the NRA. Just sayin’.

    And no, I don’t belong to GOA.

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