7 thoughts on “I Want!”

  1. Bah! You just had to alert me to the existence of this thing… My checkbook is not going to like you, much less my Financial Manager…

  2. More fuel added to the fire which represents my hatred of William J. Hughes….

  3. Although I would not mind purchasing the civilian version I’m working on getting one of those FAL copies DSA has first.

  4. You guys know I luuurve pistol caliber carbines; so much that I don’t actually own any “real” center fire rifles that don’t shoot pistol rounds.

    I had the most amusing mental image of this; say you want two guns that share the same ammo, so you buy a KRISS carbine to go with your S&W 1917 Victory Model.

    That would be fantastic.

  5. I want one too! Looks like a fun gun to shoot. I wish I could buy a select fire full auto version too. Maybe after the Supreme Court rules that the 2nd Amendment is what it is, we can get that unconstitutional law that says we the people are only allowed to buy full auto guns that were made before 1986 thrown into the trash bin where it belongs.

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