Kriss Super V has some pretty decent video of the Kriss Super V .45 Caliber Carbine from the floor of the exhibit hall at the NRA Annual Meeting.  I was one of the first bloggers to cover the Kriss when it debuted at SHOT last year.

I stopped by TDI’s booth to ask whether they had any plans for a semi-auto SBR version of the Kriss, and they indicated that they did. I will definitely go through the NFA dance to get one of those if it becomes available. Obviously, I’d prefer to have the submachine gun version of it, but thanks to Congressman William Hughes, who deserves a special place in Hell for denying me advanced weapons technology, it’s only available to the military and law enforcement.

UPDATE: Robb informs me that it’s his video.  I hadn’t realized that.  Truth be told, I’m still getting caught up on blogs and haven’t gotten completely caught up yet.  I also agree with the people who poo poo pistol caliber carbines.  I own one, and I don’t see much of a reason to get another.  But I wouldn’t mind a semi-auto SBR in a pistol caliber that I could shoot indoors.

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  1. Sorry, I refuse to buy these stupid neutered weapons. The whole point of weapons like the P90 and Kriss is that they are better under full auto. Without that, they’re just mediocre carbines.

    I’d rather give the money to the NRA’s lobbying efforts.

  2. I would like to go on record as just not getting the concept of pistol caliber carbines. Maybe in full auto, but in semiauto, their only real saving grace is that you can shoot them on an indoor range.

    When I quit working at an indoor range, I sold my 9mm AR…

  3. I normally don’t poo poo pistol caliber carbines, but I do poo poo the kriss, at least the semi-auto carbine version. The recoil reduction system seems really unnecessary unless you are shooting full auto.

  4. Sam,

    Depends. Sometimes we forget that semi-autos can still deliver a metric boat load of lead downrange in a very short amount of time. If I can pull the trigger 15 times and only get 5 different holes, the the recoil reduction is quite nice.

  5. There are two uses for pistol caliber carbines
    -full auto as SMGs
    -as quiet suppressed rifles due to being subsonic and having lots of barrel length to work with for the suppressor.

    The whole benefit of the kriss is that it is more stable in full auto fire. That’s what you’re paying extra for over an olympic arms carbine or an old marlin camp 45.

  6. Sounds like we have some differing opinions here. One way to resolve this is for TDI to send me a sample Kriss Carbine to try out compared to a standard 45 ACP based carbine, and we’ll see.

  7. That crazy Sebastian dude! He’s always thinking of the other guy, and ready to take one for the team! ;)

  8. “who deserves a special place in Hell for denying me advanced weapons technology”

    HAHAHA … that quote is hilarious, but it sounds like something that’ll scare the white people.

  9. It would be nice to bumpfire the only problem there is to find a place to do that.

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