Pennsylvania, Sportsmens Paradise

It’s Louisiana’s moniker, but we pretty impressively rank:

Texas may have more hunters and anglers than Pennsylvania, and Texans may spend more money on their outdoor pursuits, but Keystone State hunters spend more days hunting than those in any other state.

A study released last week by the National Shooting Sports Foundation and the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation ranks Pennsylvania among the top five states in all five hunting-related categories.

That includes first for days afield (16 million), second for number of resident hunters (933,000), spending ($1.7 billion) and hunting-related jobs (28,000), and fourth for number of out-of-state hunters (111,000).

When the state’s 830,000 anglers are added to the mix, Pennsylvania ranks fifth in the country in total number of resident sportsmen with 1.4 million, following Texas (2.6 million), Florida (2 million), California (1.7 million) and Ohio (1.48 million).

And the folks in Philadelphia would be happy to throw it all away for the sake of looking like they are doing something about violence in Philadelphia, instead if, you know, doing something.

3 thoughts on “Pennsylvania, Sportsmens Paradise”

  1. Pennsylvania has some beautiful hunting country. A man I worked with in the steel mill took me a few times around where he grew up and those days made some beautiful memories. I have always loved Pennsylvania.

  2. “I enjoy the fact that the first day of deer season is a school holiday.”

    I was going to say that although Indiana has plenty of hunting, this is the only place I’ve ever lived where schools, businesses, and even trash pickup is closed for the first day of deer season. Well, trash pickup doesn’t close, but you get what I mean.

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