More on the Cook County Ban

They are also targeting ammunition. Ahab and Thirdpower are blogging about it. Go check it out. I carry Corbon DPX, which is an all copper round, and would be illegal under this ban.

This is what happens when the ignorant legislate on guns to an ignorant constituency. Of course, the people pushing these bans know exactly what they are doing.

Plus, you kind of have to wonder. Here they are saying lead is the only ammunition you can use, because if it’s not lead, it’s evil and armor piercing.  Meanwhile, the State of California is telling us that lead ammunition is evil, and bullets shan’t be made of it.  If we make bullets out of lead, it will make little baby condors cry.

Yes folks, they know exactly what they are doing. Next time you hear a hunter type suggest they aren’t coming after him, print out a copy of this post, and stuff it in a lead pipe so you can beat it into his head.

3 thoughts on “More on the Cook County Ban”

  1. Yeah, I’m glad I posted that. I didn’t realize just how much ammo was out that was lead free. I also noticed that the silly law doesn’t make exceptions for frangible or pre-fragmented ammo, which means that even though it’s clearly not armor piercing, the beloved Glaser Slugs would be illegal by default.

  2. In a better world, the lead ammo ban would fail as an infringement of the 2A. But that world is probably about a decade away.

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