Black Sunday

Attention Pennsylvanians!

This is the first day of the Pennsylvania Instant Check Outage.  I encourage everyone within the Commonwealth who cares about gun rights to write your state representatives and make sure they know how hopping mad you are about this.

This goes double if your representative is a Democrat, especially a rural Democrat who normally supports gun rights. I would advise including something along the lines of  “This action by our governor makes me question the Democratic party’s commitment to my right to keep and bear arms.”  Make all the Democrats concerned that you think their party is abadoning your gun rights.  Make them want Rendell’s head on the platter for going ahead with this and damaging their party.  And don’t be afraid to mail the Governor’s office and tell him you won’t vote for his party in the next election.

It’s only by raising a stink about this that we can head off the possibility of these types of outages happening in the future.  Rendell felt safe in screwing us because he doesn’t have to worry about being up for re-election, but if it looks like this could hurt the Democrats, they’ll be sure to keep the next lame duck governor on a short leash.

2 thoughts on “Black Sunday”

  1. Maybe they are testing out if they can affect the Philly crime rate by halting sales.

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