Legislature Pushing Back

Dave Hardy has some links to the goings on in Pennsylvania right now.

I have written my state representative about the recent antics of the Governor. I think this is actually kind of foolish on Rendell’s part. This is is surprising to me, because I’ve always thought, despite my disagreements with the Governor, he was a rather shrewed politician with a good political sense.

Despite his lame duck status, he’s the primary mouthpiece for the Democratic Party in the state. He’s just been handed a stunning political defeat with voters overwhelmingly rejecting the Act 1 tax shift, and now, with the Democratic Party holding onto a single seat majority in the General Assembly, he’s pushing hard for gun control.

A lot of those new Democrats are from districts where the voters will eat them alive if they perceive them as pushing gun control. Even if the reps themselves are pro-gun, which is the case for many of them, they are still unknown quantities to voters, and Rendell’s rhetoric here isn’t going to do anything but hurt them.

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  1. I live in one of those districts, and Conklin ran on a pro-gun platform. We’ll see if he has the gumption to stand up to Fast Eddie.

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