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I had my friend Jason record the ABC news story in high definition for me just in case we had a nice spread like we had with the CBS story a month or so ago. While the ABC story was poorly researched and entirely one sided, it didn’t have any goodies, and their evidence table actually had a few Kalashnikovs laid out on it.

Ryan reported on this story as well. It’s pretty clear ABC didn’t even bother to research what the Assault Weapons Ban actually did, and didn’t do, or bother to do anything other than offer John Timoney and his anti-gun pals, a forum to push their crap on a media organization who doesn’t know any better, and couldn’t be bothered to check.

UPDATE: I agree with Illspirit that it’s quite likely police were using these firearms before Timoney decided to push his agenda in the media.

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  1. Anyone else notice that they showed file footage of an officer with a rifle in the incident which they say happened *before* the rifles were issued to them? It’s hard to tell from a low res screen shot I grabbed from the web clip ( ), but that sure looks to me like an AR with a low profile gas block and an EOTech or something.

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