Swiss Gun Culture Under Fire Again

Looks like there was a shooting, along with further calls for more restrictions and bans.

The initiative includes a call for army weapons to remain in the barracks and a national gun register. The anti-gun proponents argue that the practice is no longer necessary from a military point of view.

But speakers from the rightwing Swiss People’s Party and the centre-right Radical Party say the decommissioning weakens Swiss security and is a vote of no confidence in soldiers.

I have to be honest, I’m not optimistic about the future of shooting in Switzerland.  Because their gun culture is so tied to militia service, which is increasingly unpopular among young people in the country, I don’t think it’ll survive if the militia system is abolished.  Unlike the US, there is no right to bear arms in Switzerland; it’s tightly tied with militia service.  If that goes, I think the shooting culture goes with it.