AP Hit Piece

Get used to articles like this.  There are many interests out there which are very threatened by the Heller case, and they aren’t going to go away quietly.  It’s the same pattern as many other articles we’ve seen.  This isn’t a coincidence.  Look at the familiar names.  We notice John Timoney, who’s name always appears in articles of this pattern.

It shouldn’t be surprising.  We have the anti-gun forces on the ropes politically, and continue to whale away.  They will turn to their traditional strengths, which is manipulating the media to create a public sentiment against guns and gun owners.  They are very good at this, and they have a lot of allies in the media to count on.

2 thoughts on “AP Hit Piece”

  1. Wow. It looks like they are getting desperate. The writer barely agrees with himself from paragraph to paragraph. First he says AKs were spreading wildly despite the ban, then goes on to say the ban worked.

    And we’ve also got Chief Timoney saying he authorized the use of rifles “days before” the Sept. 13 incident. But he’s previously said that he okayed the rifles after that incident.

    The way he interchangeably refers to semi and full auto AKs is quite Sugramanian too..

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