Forgive the vulgarity ….

…. but John Timoney can seriously go fuck himself. He apparently doesn’t take his oath to uphold the constitution of either his country or his state seriously at all, and he’s been peddling this stuff since he was busy screwing up Philadelphia’s police department and trying to crap on the constitutional rights of Pennsylvanians by arguing that the Pennsylvania constitution was no obstacle to the city of Philadelphia banning guns.

I’m sick of seeing that turd’s name attached to stories like this. Does anyone out there have a MythTV box? If so, do like Uncle said and get the best parts recorded. Preferably in high def. MythTV will encode in a format that can be more easily manipulated on a PC than a TiVO.

Last time Timoney and his buddies were pushing this nonsense we caught their lies red handed. Let’s do it again for ABC this time.

9 thoughts on “Forgive the vulgarity ….”

  1. Well, most MythTV boxes have to be built by oneself. Getting a compatible TV tuner card can be difficult. Plus, you’d need sound and video cards compatible with televisions (proper output plugs and whatnot).

    It would be better if someone could just manufacture a compact case kit with all the essentials. (There is something called a “Mvix” multimedia player that is pretty cheap… but it doesn’t use MythTV as far as I can tell. But does use a version of Linux.)

    Of course, there are also standalone DVD recorders (like VCRs) that are pretty cheap these days. Record from TV to DVD then rip from the DVD to your computer. Probably not as neat, but it works in a pinch.

  2. I made one, but I don’t have the HD stuff working yet. I got an HD system right before I started blogging, and haven’t had time to monkey with it since :)

  3. I always thought about building one, but the advantages never seemed great enough.

  4. MediaImpactLive makes a media appliance pre-built with MythTV. I’ve only had mine a couple of months but, it works really good. No problems yet.

  5. At that price, I could probably build my own for cheaper.

    Maybe I could start with that “Walmart Linux PC” thing. It’s supposed to only draw 20 watts of power, though the processor is kind of weak.

  6. Oh great, our VCR has taken a dump and I need…something… a DVR? MythTV sounds like it’s right what I need to build a dumb DVR to copy stupid TV, without all the burning disc this-and-that and other streaming crap.

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