More Quotes From Philly Politicians

“To some extent, we need to create a public policy saying we want to cut down on the availability of guns,” Rep. Myers told The Bulletin. “I really can’t even imagine where I would store 12 guns in my house in a year.”

So his goal is to make guns less available to you and me. At least he’s honest. I’ve run afoul of a potential one-gun-a-month law a few times in my life. I’m not interested in seeing that which shall not be questioned be questioned by the likes of Representative Myers so he and every other Philadelphia politician can continue to deflect blame for their own failures.   If that wasn’t enough, the article I got that from has more:

“My bill would tell people that they must be responsible to report their guns lost or stolen,” the bill’s sponsor Rep. Jewell Williams (D-Philadelphia) said. Gun owners “should be thankful” for it, he said, because it will extricate them from liability for paying a victim’s medical bills or punitive damages if their gun was used by another individual.

If my firearm is stolen from me by a criminal, can Mr. Williams explain to me under what theory in a just and fair legal system I would be liable for the actions of that criminal?  I should be thankful to Mr. Williams to be relieved from liability I shouldn’t have in the first place?  Does Mr. Williams believe the victim of the crime is more responsible than the criminal that perpetrated it?

This is what the Philadelphia politicians think of you.  You are lower than a common thief in their eyes.  Give them nothing.   Make some phone calls.

3 thoughts on “More Quotes From Philly Politicians”

  1. Jesus I just have a stack-on gun cabnet in the corner of my Armory, it hold more than 12 guns if you buy both long and short…and my state has mandatory storage laws. Hell I had most of my collection in a large closet all with trigger locks for a while.

    Of course this couples with the stolen gun law too. if you have 30 guns, do you even see MOST of them inside of a month? I shoot all of mine at least once a year, and clean them all a few times a year minimum, but weeks go by without me checking many of them.

    Bad laws by people who know nothing of guns.

  2. Weer’d beat me to it – duh, a cabinet or a safe dude – surely you have a closet? But shifting the onus onto the victim of theft is ALL wrong.

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