The Lion’s Den

Given the recent dominance of gun bloggers on the sites, it would probalby the last place I’d want to take an anti-gun stance.  Howard Nemerov gets to him first, it seems.  I would ask Mr. Mallowe to look at Pawlowski’s murder’s criminal record, and the various other high profile killers in Philadelphia which I’ve profiled, and seriously tell me the problem is with our gun laws.

4 thoughts on “The Lion’s Den”

  1. And what a column it was …

    “Philadelphia Police officer John Pawlowski was not killed by Rasheed Scruggs”

    Mr. Mallowe, with all due respect, that’s the dumbest darned thing I have ever heard. Murder is ALWAYS caused by a human being. Firearms, knives, sticks, stones, ropes, etc. don’t murder on their own accord.

    If you are going to be taken seriously in the realm of public policy … I advise you not open your columns with statements of utter foolishness.

  2. Rustmeister …. brilliant comment by Phelps!

    Doh! [smacks forehead] … why didn’t I think of that?

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