More People Who Want Us to Lose

Bitter beat me to the story about State Representative Jewell Williams recieving a death threat from someone near Allentown. I sincerely hope that they find the guy and get him off the streets. This is not someone we need on our side. Here’s the story:

For protection, State Rep. Jewell Williams packs a .38-caliber revolver in his North Philadelphia district and while traveling to Harrisburg.But a threatening e-mail he received yesterday has him considering a further precaution: dusting off an old bulletproof vest stored for the last seven years in his closet.

The e-mail, sent by a man Williams identified as a resident of Allentown, said Williams should be shot while in the Capitol. …

“Now that I hear this attitude of people recommending lynching, I’ll probably be wearing my gun more and possibly wearing my bulletproof vest, because we now think we’re being threatened,” Williams, a former police officer, said yesterday at a news conference calling for tighter gun laws.

Jewell Williams is a grade A bozo, and hypocrite for calling for tougher gun laws that would disarm you and me while he himself is carrying a firearm for self-protection. Who elects people who think like this?

But threatening Williams is reprehensible. I support William’s right to carry a firearm to defend himself. I really do wish he’d support mine. One bit of advise for Representative Williams, though. Body armor has a limited shelf life, I think along the lines of five years. If that vest has been sitting in the closet for a while, it’s probably better to buy some new gear. The old stuff will probably still stop a bullet, according to its rating, but it’s not a good idea to take chances if the vest is beyond the manufacturers expiration date. Get a new one!

2 thoughts on “More People Who Want Us to Lose”

  1. No doubt that the Philadelphia politicians are going to play this up for everything that it’s worth, as far as giving pro-gun organizations a bad name. The question is why are people continuing to give them such good ammunition? When someone says that Cruz should be “hung from the tree of liberty” or that Williams should be “shot while in the capitol”, they may be spouting rhetoric, but it’s poisonous rhetoric, and it doesn’t have any place in pro-gun activism.

    Whether it constitutes a threat to the degree that it’s a crime is up to the police and the attorney general.

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