Quotes from the Governor

Don’t tell me it’s because our justice system is weak. It’s because there are too many guns out there in the hands of the wrong people, And putting those people in jail is one of the answers, but it is not the only answer.

– Governor Ed Rendell, 11/19/2007

In Ed’s world, the other part of the equation is putting you in jail, which is exactly what his bill on reporting lost and stolen guns will have the potential to do if the innocent gun owner gets caught unaware if this obscure law ends up on the books.

Remember, they want this law to punish people they suspect of straw purchasing, but can’t prove it. You just better hope the authorities never suspect you of being a straw purchaser after someone uses one of your stolen firearms in a crime.  You could be caught unaware like a dolphin in the Governor’s tuna net of a bill.

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