Year Zero

More than a few totalitarian regimes have adopted systems of dating that essentially start counting their reign from year 0, and work their way up.   Well, it seems that Pennsylvania State Representative Jewell Williams would line up to go along with such a scheme:

Perhaps B.O. & A.O. are not far off? Yesterday, Rep. Jewell Williams (D-Philadelphia) began a presentation on the House floor by stating it was ‘2009, in the year of Obama’.  The Republican side was stunned to say the least. House Minority Rep. Sam Smith (R-Jefferson) attempted to correct the record – stating that the proper designation was Anno Domini 2009 – in the year or our Lord.

To which Williams responded “And the difference is?”  I kid, I kid, but you kind of have to wonder.

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  1. I was gonna say that philly is screwed up, but i live in baltimore, so i will shut up and purchase another tub of ky instead

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