CSGV On Gun Shows

I guess with John Timony and other South Florida gun control hacks picking up the slack on the evil assault weapon issue, the other gun control weenies feel safe in, once again, targeting gun shows.

I guess they figure if you recycle the same bullshit often enough, someone might buy it.

One Response to “CSGV On Gun Shows”

  1. kaveman says:

    Quoting from the article…

    “The report says that up to 50 percent of vendors at shows are unlicensed and not required to conduct background checks on buyers…”

    So is this turd-sack saying that all the guys at gun shows who are only selling books, magazines, leather goods, scopes, knives, pocket watches, coins, jewlery or beef jerky should call up the FBI and do a NICS check on Joe-shmoe to see if he’s qualified to “slip into a slim-Jim!”

    This is obviously written by someone who has never set foot into a gun show. A few years back I went to a local show and found a little old lady occupying a huge table and was selling nothing but beanie-babies.

    What a joke.