The “Gun Show Loophole”

The anti-gun people in Virginia must really have an extra special hatred for gun shows, because whenever I hear trouble in regards to shows, it seems to emanate from the Commonwealth of Virginia. Bitter points out that it’s Republicans causing the trouble this time. Wait, wasn’t Republican Mike Castle trying to close the gun show loophole as well? And John McCain is also a well known advocate, no?

I hate to say it folks, but this might have a chance of passing at some point, because I think Republicans might be selling us out on this issue. What makes the proposals on the table so virulent, is that they are specifically targeting guns shows with the intent of harassing them out of existence. This isn’t just about ending private transfers, or background checks. They are specifically targeting shows. I’m convinced this is a calculated strategic move on the part of the antis. Why?

  • Gun shows are a great place for people like us to organize and recruit
  • It’s easy to scare the general public about them. Most people will have no idea that “unlicensed dealers” the anti-gun folks mention at shows are people not selling firearms.
  • For people who are real firearms enthusiasts, shooters and collectors, it’s the only place you can go to find the things you need or are looking for easily. We’re not allowed to mail order guns anymore, unless you have an Federal Firearms License. Ammunition can be tough to find in your local gun shop, especially if you’re shooting rifles in obscure calibers. Mail ordering ammunition can be expensive because it’s heavy.
  • They help the shooting industry and community by providing an environment where people can see a wide range of products on the market, and get ideas for future purchases.

For all these reasons, the antis desperately want to get rid of them. Don’t buy any notions that this is about keeping guns out of criminal hands. It is not, and I’m convinced they are aware of this. Gun shows account for 1% of guns that end up used in crime. They are targeting gun shows because they are an important part of keeping our community healthy, and if they can put an end to them, it’ll reduce our numbers, effectiveness, and eventually make it easy to start pushing us back politically, until they finally get what they want. And we all know what that is. The leaders of the movement are not stupid. They know where we’re vulnerable, and they will attack us in those areas. This is one of them, and we can’t let them win.