Didn’t Blow Up

My reloads worked just fine. In fact, pretty well! But it was only 25 yards. I didn’t want to waste most of my reloads on that distance, but to make up for it, I punched out the 10 ring with my Glock at 10 yards firing about one shot a second. It’s been a while since Mr. Glock got the throw hot lead down range, and I was happy to land most of my hits in the center.

I also tried out those 20 and 30 round AR-15 magazines from Brownell’s that I got a few weeks ago, and they worked just fine. Not a single problem with them, so they get a passing grade from me. Even the 20 rounder did fine, and I have two others of a different brand that don’t feed so well.

3 thoughts on “Didn’t Blow Up”

  1. So how many shots did you fire into that 10-ring, and what glock are you using? I’m just wondering if I need to carry my butt back to the range. The best I seem to manage is the 9-ring at that range with my sub-compact Glock. If you’re shooting a full-sized or compact, I won’t feel nearly as bad about my groupings.

  2. 50, with most landing in the 10 ring, about an inch wide on that target. I placed a few outside of it, because I tend to pull my first shot after having to reload the magazine, and when I rush my start. But there wasn’t any center of the target left, so I was happy with that. Normally I don’t shoot that well, but I’m usually able to keep my 10 yard shots in a diameter of about 4 inches.

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